St. Alphonsus Parish School Seattle Ballard


Fundraising is an important and essential activity that helps to ensure the financial health of St. Alphonsus Parish School. Monies raised through these activities help the school fund salaries, programs, and supplies while maintaining affordable tuition rates.

Accordingly, each family has pledged to participate in these fundraising activities at the indicated minimum levels.

The Annual Fund provides an important component of each year’s school budget. Participation requirements:

  • No minimum dollar amount is required; however, each family is asked to pledge an amount that is comfortable for their family.


The auction is an annual event and our school’s largest fundraiser. Participation requirements:

  • Procure $200 worth of auction items, make a $200 cash donation, or some combination of the two ($100 for Pre School Only families).
  • Work 5 of your 30 volunteer hours on the auction (2.5 for Preschool Only families).


Scrip is a gift card rebate program that costs the buyer no more than the face value of the gift card purchased. St. Al’s then yields a profit based on the percentage discount from each merchant. Participation requirements:

  • Purchase $1,000 in Scrip cards per school year ($500 for Preschool Only families).


The Jogathon is held each spring and students run during the school day. Students and their families are encouraged to obtain pledges from extended family, neighbors, co-workers and family friends. Participation requirements:

  • $125 in pledges per family ($75 for Preschool Only families).