St. Alphonsus Parish School Seattle Ballard

Fund A Dream: Fund a Green

During our annual Auction & GALA we raise money each year for a specific need that the school would not otherwise be able to afford.

Our dream this year is continue our campus beautification by finishing the upgrade of our school playground. This past summer we repaved the parking lot, which was made possible by our Church’s Capitol Campaign that also replaced our school boiler, replaced plumbing in the Sister’s convent, and the roof on Father’s rectory. Our campaign was extremely successful and we’ve accomplished every goal we had set for ourselves. Now we are working toward stretching our goals which include upgrading our big-toy play areas and our ultimate goal of redesigning our courtyard.


Your generous financial support will allow us to continue to vastly improve our campus, giving our students an upgraded greenspace so they can recharge for learning.

First, we will replace the gravel with “Forever Lawn,” which is a new and safe synthetic grass surface. I’m finding that school personnel and parents alike are super excited about the idea of eliminating gravel from our hallways, homes, and washing machines!

Second, we will move fences so our children can play among the trees and grass. We will build contoured seating and steps to connect the swing-set area down to the lawn below. Will also remove the concrete walkway and infill with grass, thus opening up even more space for our children to run and play.

Finally, we will add new concrete walkways and a new gate so our children can safely and securely move within and around the new greenspace.

Please be a dream maker by helping to give our students a safe, inviting, and restorative area to be active. Thank you for your support!