Revive Web

Stay tuned for our next REVIVE program, hopefully soon!

What is REVIVE? REVIVE is a course for adults of all ages that meets once a week for 8-weeks and it also has a 2-day retreat that is designed to REVIVE your relationship with God.

What do we do at REVIVE? We do 3 essential things each session:

  1. Share a free dinner.
  2. Afterwards we listen to a live speaker (or Video) that explores different aspects of our Faith.
  3. Then the participants share their thoughts around a table in an environment that is honest, friendly and relaxed. Questions are welcome. And normally new friendships are formed that can last a life-time.

So after work, come and relax, eat a good meal, hear a great talk, and share your thoughts with some wonderful people.

Who is REVIVE for? It’s a great place to invite your family and friends who have stopped coming to Church.

Yet it is also for newcomers to the parish, for engaged couples, for parents with children in religious education, for anyone going through a difficult time in their life, or simply for anyone looking for a closer relationship with God — in other words, REVIVE is for you.