The Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) are skills and qualities a student of St. Alphonsus will possess when he or she graduates. Teachers incorporate these SLEs into their lesson plans, instilling in their students what it means to be a St. Alphonsus Parish School graduate.

A Graduate of St. Alphonsus Parish School will be:

  1. an active faith-filled person who:
    1. prays formally and spontaneously.
    2. exhibits basic knowledge of the Catholic Church teachings.
    3. participates reverently in the sacramental life of the Church.
    4. contributes time, talent, and treasure to the community through Christian service.
  2. a lifelong learner who:
    1. demonstrates critical and analytical skills.
    2. demonstrates creative problem-solving skills.
    3. meets or exceeds grade level expectations in all disciplines.
    4. creates and evaluates standards for himself/herself in all disciplines.
  3. a person of integrity who:
    1. demonstrates accountability for personal behavior.
    2. acts honestly and fairly.
    3. chooses to behave in a right and just manner.
  4. a respectful person who:
    1.  treats people of all cultures and faith traditions with dignity and kindness.
    2. practices stewardship of all of God’s creation.
    3. practices conflict resolution through active listening, clear communication and empathy.