Core Classics Workshops – Gr. 5-8


Dig into your summer reading with an immersive reading and art workshop with your peers! Students will read a book off the summer reading list, explore the historical time period, participate in discussion and classroom activities, and make connections to the novel with an optional afternoon art session.

Cost: $150 (reading workshop only), $250 (reading + art workshop)
What to Bring: Snack, water bottle, and sack lunch. Novels and art supplies will be provided.

Grades 5-6 – July 10-14

Novel: Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes (adapted)
Reading Workshop: 9am-12pm, taught by Ms. Jennie Bender
Art Workshop: 12:30-2:30pm, taught by Mrs. Monica Wisen

Grades 7-8 – August 7-11

Novel: The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Reading Workshop: 9am-12pm, taught by Ms. Jennie Bender
Art Workshop: 12:30-2:30pm, taught by Mrs. Monica Wisen

Chess/STEAM Camp – Gr. K-6


July 31-August 4

Whether we are building it, strategizing, or exploring, this full day, weeklong camp includes a fun filled curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, creativity and both collaborative and independent learning. This Chess & STEAM camp allows students to directly engage in the brilliant game of Chess, as well as Science, Engineering, Art and Math concepts with a hands-on approach to improving problem solving skills! What better way to exercise your intellect creatively than through learning the world of STEAM concepts and chess strategies? Our tried and true methods teach these concepts in an exciting and fun way. No previous knowledge of chess or engineering is necessary. Join us for this brain-based Chess and STEAM Camp extravaganza!

Cost: $590 (full day), $280 (half day)
What to Bring: There will be a one-hour lunch period for full day campers, parents will need to provide a lunch, two nut-free snacks and a refillable water bottle/drink. For half day campers, parents will need to provide one nut-free snack and a refillable water bottle.

Full Day Chess/STEAM Camp: 9:00am-4:00pm; Price: $590.00; Course Code: CWA7.31.23
Chess Camp: 9:00am-12:00pm; Price: $280.00; Course Code: CWA7.31.23A
STEAM Camp: 1:00pm-4:00pm; Price: $280.00; Course Code: CWA7.31.23B

If your student will be attending the full day camp, please select the Chess/STEAM Camp option while enrolling. If your student will only be attending one camp, please select either the Chess Scholars or STEAM option while enrolling.

Chess Scholars/AES is a private program provider, please direct all inquiries and communication regarding our programs directly. Contact us with inquiries or if you’d like assistance registering at 847-482-9999.