Message from the Principal


Hello St. Al Families,

This week we saw a bit of rain and some colder weather come our way.  In what could be a gloomy, grey experience I found myself filled with joy.  The rain and clouds are what give us our striking plant life and clean, blue skies.  The colder wetter weather could be discouraging but I love this rain and grey sky scenario. It is part of what makes everything so beautiful here.  It creates the captivating landscape we all enjoy and the clean air I longed for as a little girl in Southern California.

Let us remember that Christ blesses us every day.  As with the rain, these blessings may not always be the direct joy we are asking for but look closely, for you might find that they lead to the magnificent landscape you always wished there could be.

Thank you,

Kathleen Daspit
St. Alphonsus Parish School