Presto-Change-o Winner!

Presto-Change-o we watched the rebate grow. And 3 classes had over 50 % of their families sign up for Presto-Pay. Congratulations to Kindergarten, 5/6 girls and 7/8 boys. And by the slightest of margins, 5/6 girls class earned the Free Dress Day!

And Thank You families for all the Scrip purchased in October using Presto-Pay. $243.60 in rebates was raised, just in Presto-Pay purchases! Yay Us!

Sign Up for PrestoPay! Earn a free dress day!

Presto Change-o – Watch the Rebate Grow

At stake, a free dress reward day for your student’s class!

During the month of October, be the class who has the greatest Presto-Pay enrollment and the free dress day is yours.

What is Presto-Pay? It is the on-line ordering and paying system to buy Scrip. It works on the same principle as Facts Web (how we pay tuition) only better because you get to shop. Once you have signed up for presto-pay, you can take advantage of the 100’s of Scrip Now retailers on-line that allow you immediate access to your gift card. That’s right, within minutes, your gift card will be ready and you can add to your account (I’m thinking Starbucks and Amazon) or print out and take shopping with you (Nordstrom, Target, Safeway…options are endless).

It’s easy to get signed up. Go to Our authorization code is A28AF4B59532. Click on the payment types link under Family Functions on your dashboard and follow the steps. Easy as that.

Watch this video to learn more or check out our Scrip page:

And you wonderful families who are already using Presto Pay, don’t worry. You are definitely getting counted.

Scrip News

The price for Brown Bear Car Wash is increasing. Once our current inventory of Brown Bear coupons is gone, we are increasing the price from $6 to $7 per car wash. This is still a $1 off the price at Brown Bear without a coupon.

Scrip: Thank you, Volunteers!

The Scrip committee would like to thank our volunteers who are graduating this year:
Melissa Murphy
Michelle McMyler
Jean Forster
Lilli Forgette
Without their dedication to Scrip, we wouldn’t be able to run the Scrip program as effectively as we do!

Volunteers Needed

Scrip is looking for volunteers interested in helping sell Scrip next year. We are looking for people during the week and especially after the weekend masses. It’s a great way to earn volunteer hours and meet other St. Al’s families. Please contact Mija Hamilton if you are interested or would like more info.

EOY Teacher Gifts from Scrip

It’s hard to believe that the school year is drawing to an end already. It’s time to think about End of the Year gifts for teachers and staff.

If you are interested in contributing to an End of the Year SCRIP gift certificate for your student’s teacher(s) or any other staff, please complete the attached form and return with your check to the school office no later than Friday, June 1st. If you return your form and payment before May 31st, it will count toward May Madness!

Download order form here.

May Madness

SCRIP May Madness!

Here is how Scrip May Madness works:

Retailers give St. Alphonsus a percentage for every Scrip card sold. For example, if you buy a $100 Fred Meyer card for your next shopping trip, Fred Meyer gives St. Alphonsus a certain percentage back and you spend that $100 card buying groceries. There is no extra cost for you, but you just gave 4% back to St. Alphonsus on your Scrip card purchase.

For the month of May, the rebate amount of your Scrip purchase will be added to the other families in your child’s class and the class with the highest averaged dollar amount will win an end of the year party.

Anyone can buy and use Scrip

You, your family, your friends, and even your co-workers! So please support your class and the school and stock up on all those grocery, gas, and/or gift Scrip.

Scrip cards may be purchased:

  • Online at (enrollment code A28AF4B59532)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 8:15-8:45 am in The Commons (small cafeteria) at school
  • Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am in the Preschool classroom
  • Friday afternoon at 2:45-3:15 pm in The Commons (small cafeteria) at school
  • After all weekend Masses in the back vestibule
  • At the Parish office during the week

Contact Mija Hamilton at for more info.