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What is Fund A Dream?

Each year our families, parishioners, and community members come together to fulfill a school dream. School faculty, staff, and commission members collectively identify a major project that is a necessary improvement to our campus, curriculum, or student experience, but is not part of our annual operating budget.

2017-2018 Fund A Dream: Reboot and Rebuild

The Strategic Plan of St. Alphonsus is centered around the idea of Enriching the Student Experience. We think about this idea in the broader sense of engaging our students in the parish and local community and through focused attention on the daily experience of the 242 children in our care.  In that regard, the Fund A Dream for the 2017/2018 school year is Reboot and Rebuild.

We will Reboot in support of our school’s growing technology infrastructure.  Our teachers have expressed a need to ease the coordination between classrooms and improve the students’ research abilities (particularly our middle school students) just through more frequent computer access.  Middle school students will also be able to co-work on their home computers by utilizing the Microsoft 365 shared platform and cloud storage capabilities.  The Go Math! curriculum has served our school well over the last two years, and there are even more features of this curriculum that are best taken advantage of in an online environment. These additional resources will also allow us to implement a “travel option” to our 1st floor Spanish room, currently not included in our computer rotation.  Finally, another hope is that we can dedicate computers to our Library and grow our young readers program.

Our Reboot goal is $40,000.  With that money, we can add 30 computers and a powered cart to our current supply.  We currently have 60 Acer laptops (purchased in 2014 through Fund A Dream) available for student use at St. Alphonsus.  In other words, only 35% of our students can use a computer at any given time during the school day.  We are seeking business grade laptops loaded with Windows 10 Professional, and enforced with an aluminum casing. Our technology service provider, SWAT Systems, can service the 30 new laptops through an expanded service agreement if the computers are loaded with Windows 10 Pro.  This will mean remote and on-site service, guaranteed for the life of the warranty on the computer. The computers will be on our school network. We believe these new computers will directly impact and enhance the learning environment for all the reasons mentioned above, and because they will work when we need them too and they will survive the student experience!

Our Fund A Dream for this year has been expanded to include an enhanced Rebuild of our Montessori preschool following a sewer back-up and total flooding that occurred in early October.  Our Rebuild goal is $10,000. This will enable us to restore and rebuild our Montessori preschool space (beyond what our insurance will cover), while modernizing and streamline our facilities and resources.  Through the generosity of our donors, we can include our littlest Angels in our dream.

We thank you in advance for your dedication and commitment to Catholic Education. Together we can Reboot and Rebuild!