Fundraising with Scrip

The Basics

Scrip is a major fundraising program for St. Alphonsus Parish School. Scrip sells you eGift cards to many retailers in the Puget Sound and across the country at face value. For each eGift card you purchase, the school receives a percentage of the purchase value.

K-8 families are required to purchase $1,500 in Scrip. Preschool-only families are required to purchase $750 in Scrip.

When Buying Scrip, You Support Our School

Buying eGift cards through Scrip is an easy way to raise funds for St. Al’s, with no extra cost to you. You can use the gift cards to pay for many of the purchases you make every day, like groceries, gas, and gifts. For example, if you buy a $100 Safeway card for you next shopping trip, you’ve helped the school raise $4.

What Can I Buy?

Here’s a list of gift cards available through Scrip.

Shop Online

Shopping with Scrip is easy with the RaiseRight mobile app. Enter enrollment code 6849431L9532. Find all of the Scrip cards available (many are available instantly).

ShopWithScrip offers a secure ACH online payment system families can use to pay for orders conveniently. Online payments electronically debit funds from your checking or savings account so you don’t have to send in a check. Plus, your eGift card and reload purchases will process faster.


If you have any questions about the Scrip program or want to volunteer to help sell, please contact Terra Hakam at Thank you for supporting St. Alphonsus Parish School through our Scrip program!