St. Alphonsus Catholic Parish Ballard

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If you are interested in having your wedding at St. Alphonsus, please contact us early as couples are required by the Archdiocese of Seattle to have at least six months of wedding prep, and a minimum of twelve hours of preparation.

One or both of the couple must be a registered member(s) of St. Alphonsus Parish three months prior to the first interview with the Pastor and show active participation in the life of the parish: attendance at the Holy Mass; have a talent and treasure card on file with the parish office; financially support the church via envelope or online.

* Contact Lizzy, PA for Administration, in the parish office to establish the prerequisites.
* Complete canonical pre-nuptial investigation.
* Take FOCCUS Premarital Inventory.
* Complete at least 3 sessions with the pastor to review the inventory and receive catechesis on the sacrament of matrimony.   
* Complete 1 session with the pastor on liturgy and the rite of marriage.
* Complete mandatory Natural Family Planning course (check session times with parish office)

* Couples seeking marriage within the Catholic Church should be actively living their faith by their observance of the precepts of the Church.
Mixed-marriage couples (one spouse is not Catholic) should consider the precept of the Church whereby the couple agree to raise their children according to the Catholic Church. 
* Couple’s should be striving to live in the state of grace; model chastity as unmarried persons.

Weddings are typically scheduled for Saturday beginning between 1 and 2pm, although weekdays are often available as well if desired.

If you have any impediments to marriage (i.e. prior marriages) these must be resolved beforehand and please contact us early as these can take some time.

For weddings at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, a suggested donation of $350 for parishioners and $500 for non-parishioners is recommended.  

Contact Lizzy in the parish office at 206-784-6464 or to get more info.