Our glorious organ was designed and built in the Fritts-Richards Organ Builders workshop located in Tacoma, Washington. The case and general tonal arrangement are crafted to match early Dutch and German organs, the historical peak in the instrument’s development. The case is directly inspired by the 16th century organ of Hendrick Niehoff at Brouwershaven, The Netherlands.

As the St. Alphonsus organ design phase progressed, the specification was enlarged by several stops to enable both the Hauptwerk and Rückpositiv cases to be enlarged to include the larger front pipes, the Praestant 16’ in the Hauptwerk and the Praestant 8’ in the Rückpositiv.  The pipes are designed for the fine acoustics of the church and are voiced robustly to support congregational singing.

And the decision was made to contrast the elegant European casework and elaborate carvings with the American mid-century church architecture; in harmony, from the luminous colors derived from the fine stained glass windows, spatial, auditory and aesthetic balance is achieved.

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