Attention Auction Event Purchasers

The events you purchased at the auction last year have now been placed on the calendar.  We will be sending individual emails to you as well, but please put these on your calendar if you know you purchased.

If you would like to join in the fun, please email [email protected] to check for availability.

1.       Girls Sleepover in the gym: 5/4/19

2.       Paint the Town with Ms. Hartje-Dunn and Ms. Duncan: 5/10/19

3.       Woodland Park Zoo with Mrs. Costa: 5/11/19

4.       Garden Party with the SOLT Sisters: 5/11/19

5.       Pizza Party with Ms. Blankenship:  5/15/19

6.       Crafts with Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Foisy: 5/23/19

7.       Dick’s Hot Lunch: 5/29/19 & 5/30/19

8.       Parents’ Night Out: 5/31/19 (Spaces still available – Open to 2nd – 6th)

9.       Mother/Son Dodgeball: 6/7/19 (Spaces still available)

Angels’ Angle:  April 4, 2019