Do I have to be Catholic to attend St. Alphonsus?

We are a joyful and vibrant Catholic community but welcome families of all faith backgrounds! We teach religion and our students attend Mass once a week. This element of the curriculum builds awareness of spirituality and promotes universal principles such as integrity, service, friendship, respect, stewardship, and good citizenship.

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes. The tradition of school uniforms goes back to Medieval times when caps and gowns were required at universities. All students, regardless of background, would dress alike as an outward sign of their dedication to the shared task of learning together within the university community. Our uniform policy aims at three goals: modesty, professionalism, and school spirit. 

I have to be at work later than school ends. Is there extended care?

We offer a very affordable after school care! Students in preschool-6th grade can register for care until 6pm. We also have summer care for students ages 2.5-5.

Admissions & Affordability

Can I only apply during the enrollment period?

You can apply at any time. We accept students throughout the year, as long as we have space.

Will St. Alphonsus be accessible and affordable for my family?

It’s not as expensive as you think. We are among the most affordable and accessible Catholic schools, while still offering small class sizes, academic rigor, preschool programs, and extracurriculars. Inquire about tuition assistance for your family.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes, for K-8 students. We do not offer sibling discounts for those enrolled in preschool. We want to make St. Alphonsus a family-friendly experience – academically, spiritually, and financially. Learn more about tuition and sibling discounts here.

Academics & Extracurriculars

Because St. Alphonsus is a small school, are there arts and extracurricular activities?

We have a lot going on! We participate in the CYO Sports and partner with other Catholic schools to play soccer, track and field, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. We also have a variety of clubs and activities, including percussion ensemble, drama, Model UN, choir, robotics and more! We offer art and music classes for all grades starting at preschool and as more specific enrichment classes for our middle school.

My student has learning challenges and needs special assistance. Is this possible at a small school like St. Alphonsus?

True, there is only so much we, as a smaller school, have the resources to handle. But we have many programs and ways to help your children thrive in the ways they need to. We have an incredible learning resource specialist that meets with students one-on-one to work with them. We partner with Spring Academy to have in school tutoring and homework clubs. And with smaller class sizes teachers can pick out problems quickly and help students more intentionally. Some learning needs we cannot service at St. Alphonsus, and we will work together to discern whether our school is the right fit during the inquiry process.

Is my child smart enough to go to a fancy private school?

“Smart/Not Smart” is not a part of our conversation at St. Alphonsus. We believe each child has their own gifts, challenges and learning styles—some might be textbook learners and others more experiential. Regardless, we see our job to inspire a universal love of learning which will promote a lifetime of discovery. We do this through our classroom work (small class sizes help with individual attention) but also through special events and extracurricular activities that give each child a chance to shine. Our year is packed with activities for our children to explore their own talents and interests, including outdoor overnight nature camp, Junior Olympics, Talent Show, and Science Fair to name a few.

Additional questions?

Contact our Admissions Director at [email protected].