2021 St. Al’s Move-A-THON
​Our only kid-powered fundraising event ​of the year!


Kick Off:  May 4th  

Move-A-Thon:  Week of May 20th – 26th

Drop-off Move-A-Thon B.I.N.G.O. cards:  Friday, May 28th

Awards & Prize Drawing:  Wednesday, June 3rd

Get ready to kick off the St. Al’s spring with one of the most fun events for our community: the St. Al’s Move-A-Thon!  If your family is new to the school, you may not know what the Move-A-Thon is or how much fun it can be for kids, families, and your extended community.  The Move-A-Thon is our student-driven fundraiser.   It’s also a wonderful way to share our students’ project-based learning, social emotional skills, and one-to-world global citizenship program with friends and family.  Get your Move On – jump rope, skip, bike laps on your street, shoot hoops, do push-ups, dance, or all things to get theirs and even your wiggle on!  Let the kids MOVE!


Fundraise the Easy Way

We hope every family will register with the Pledgestar site!

Please share the amazing things happening at our school with your friends and family by using our online PledgeStar system to register your students.

This is St. Al’s second year using online fundraising for our annual Jog-A-Thon, newly renamed the Move-A-Thon!   Last year we had great success using this system and have found that it was efficient and very user-friendly.  It’s also secure: PledgeStar doesn’t share email addresses with anyone and doesn’t expose students’ personal pages on the web unless you choose to share their private link via social media.

Go To PledgesStar Move-A-Thon Site


Signing up will take less than 10 minutes of your time, including asking friends & family to sponsor your student(s): 

  1. Go to https://www.pledgestar.com/stalphonsus/
  2. Click on “Not Registered For this Year’s Event?” and enter your name, email address and create a password. Enter you jogger’s name and teacher.
  3. You’ll be asked to upload a photo (if you’d like)
  4. Provide email addresses for family and friends so our system can send a personalized email from your child. This is easy as the PledgeStar system will ask you to add Family & Friends by using your existing Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft contacts or pull from the contacts you have imported for last year’s Move-A-Thon.  All you have to do is click on which you have and choose who you wish to send a request to.

NOTE:  Once you import your contacts, the system will IMEDIATELY send the donation request letter!  Be sure before you import you want to at that time.  You can skip this step and return to it!  *Do not worry, only you will have access to the contact information!  No one else, not St. Al’s and not Pledgestar, no one!  All your friends and family’s information is solely yours and does not go to a 2nd or 3rd party!

  1. After you enter the emails, our system will send a sweet letter from your child(ren) that is sent to potential sponsors via PledgeStar — it’s pretty darn irresistible with YOUR student’s photo there on the letter!
  2. You can share your student’s PledgeStar link on Facebook and other social media if you wish!
  3. After a supporter makes their donation, PledgeStar will acknowledge their generosity with a thank you email and a receipt for tax purposes.  You’ll also be notified immediately that they contributed.

Have someone who wants to donate by check rather than credit card?  They can go ahead and fill out the PledgeStar form online and select the “check” option.  You will receive a notification of their donation and they’ll receive a receipt for tax purposes.  Have them make the check out to “St. Alphonsus Parish School” an make a note in the Memo Line who the runner(s) they are donating to.  Just mail the check to the office and it will get to the Parent’s Club Move-A-Thon team.

If mailing a check, remember that our address is:

St. Alphonsus Parish School
c/o Move-A-Thon
5816 15th Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Move-A-Thon Printable PledgeStar Registration Instructions 2021


Getting their Move-On at School and at Home this year!

This year because we will not be able to come and watch our Move-A-Thon at our school due to Covid-19.  We will once again use Move-A-Thon BINGO Cards that the kids can use and tick off during the seven (7) days we are holding our Move-A-Thon as well as special “CLASS BOX” BINGO boxes they will complete with the St. Al Staff!  As each box is ticked off and completed, the race to get BINGO’s begins!  With each BINGO they get, they will have their name entered into the Grand Prize Drawing.  Every “Blackout” they will get an additional 5 entries into the Grand Prize Drawing! (Blackouts = 17 times their name goes in!) There are 3 BINGO Cards for Grades 2nd through 8th, PreK-1st have one card. (note: Frist Graders of course may use any of the cards if they wish! The 2nd Graders through 8th may NOT use the PreK-1st)

Turning in the BINGO Cards – Your Student’s Name and Grade must be on each one and turned in on:

Friday, May 28th by 3:15pm!!!


Move-A-Thon BINGO Card #1

Move-A-Thon BINGO Card #2

Move-A-Thon BINGO Card #3

Move-A-Thon BINGO Card #4 – PreK, K & 1st

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my student walk if they want or run, ride a bike, a scooter or anything else?  
Yes!  Some students run the entire time, some do a combination of running/walking and others choose to walk.  This year use whatever you want for some of the BINGO spaces!  Participation is what we’re aiming for at this fun event.  Please remember, while some of the spaces have a lot to do, just take it in stages and reach the full amount needed to “cross off” the space!  Also, this is on the honor system, so remind your student(s) of the SLE’s and honesty when working on the BINGO Cards.

Does the Move-A-Thon still happen in inclement weather?  
Move-A-Thon will take place rain or shine.  We plan this event in the Spring in hopes of beautiful and warmer weather, but we’ve definitely run in the rain in prior years.  Rain or shine, we’ll provide some tips closer to the event to help you prepare your student for forecasted weather.

Do we need to wear anything specific during the Move-A-Thon?  
At School, the school uniform will be worn.  The last day of the Move-A-Thon, May 26th is Spirit Wear day which your student can wear any St. Al’s Spirit wear, past Jog-A-Thon shirts, school colors or even an appropriate costume.  Please remember to dress Catholic school appropriate.


Do we have to raise money to participate?  
While we hope that families will be able to fundraise to the degree, they feel comfortable, our goal is that every St. Al’s student participate in the Move-A-Thon and feel proud of their accomplishments.  Our student-driven fundraiser is a big part of our school’s fundraising plan and aims to raise $25,000 to support things like adding to our incredible library, new gym equipment, computers, curriculum enrichment, S.T.E.M. equipment projects for all grades, and provide to our Tuition Relief Assistance Fund due to Covid-19.

Note that PledgeStar automatically assigns each student a goal of fundraising $125.  This is auto generated for every student at St. Al’s.  Some students raise over $125, others raise the minimum – just have your student do their best to help St. Al’s in a way that feels comfortable for your family!

What is the timing for the event?  
The students can complete as many Move-A-Thon BINGO Cards they want by doing a little each day from May 20th to May 26th.

Will there be Prizes and Awards?

Of course, there will be Prizes and Awards this year!

  • Each Grade’s Top Earner will receive a Gift Card to Amazon
  • Most funds raised by a Family will receive Dinner & Dessert for the entire family!
  • The Class who raises the most funds will have their own Treat Party at SCHOOL!


The GRAND PRIZE DRAWING to be picked from all the names entered for BINGO Cards and funds raised by each student – each student will have their name entered automatically for reaching their $125 minimum goal, and each additional $100 raised!

  • 2nd Prize Drawing – $50 Gift Card to Amazon
  • Grand Prize Drawing – $100 Gift Card to Amazon


Does it cost anything to participate?  
No, our generous community sponsors help support this event, allowing us to provide prizes and cover event expenses.  ​

Thank you for your support!
St. Alphonsus Parent’s Club

Increase your impact and request an employer matching gift today!

Questions about anything?  Just shoot us an email at pcboard@stalseattle.org and we’d be happy to help!  We are very excited to celebrate our amazing community and share the joy of the Move-A-Thon! 


Official 2021 Move-A-Thon Sponsors

Thank you so much for your support!