Single-Sex Middle School – Grades 5-8

Building on an educational tradition that is over 100 years old, St. Alphonsus Parish School is proud to share its innovative single-sex middle school program. Students take classes in cohorts of 5th/6th Boys, 5th/6th Girls, 7th/8th Boys, and 7th/8th Girls.

Our middle school program offers a unique choice for parents and students who believe, as we do, that students at this age gain more confidence and are more motivated to excel when the distractions of a coeducational environment are removed. Instruction is molded around the specific needs of each group, with the resulting learning experience being relevant and effective for all students.

What Can A Child Gain From A Single-Gender Educational Experience?

Behavioral research supports the fact that girls and boys have fundamentally different learning styles. By focusing on each gender separately, our teachers can mold their instruction around the specific needs of each group. Girls learn to be more academically competitive; boys learn to be more collaborative. The resulting learning experience is relevant and effective for all students.

Our school offers an exciting alternative for families who see the benefits of a Christ-centered education, in a smaller school that has a long tradition of encouraging the personal and spiritual development of each and every student.

Comprehensive Education

Integral to our core curriculum are our enrichment and elective programs:

  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Spanish (beginning in 3rd grade)
  • STEM Lab
  • Drama
  • Lego Robotics
  • Health and Fitness
  • Choir