Welcome to St. Alphonsus Parish School!

We are a vibrant PK-8th grade Catholic school located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Since its founding in 1907, St. Alphonsus Parish School is committed to teaching to the heart, mind, and soul of each student. We invite families of all backgrounds to experience the wonder and beauty of a Catholic school community that integrates faith and academic excellence.

Our vision at St. Alphonsus is to teach as Jesus taught, encouraging each student to reach their God-given potential as grace-filled servant leaders. Whether it’s the Montessori/Exploratory preschool or the single-gender classrooms in middle school, our unique academic programs reflect that aspiration to tailor instruction to the needs and differences of our student body. Such attention allows teachers to create “ultimate classrooms” at all grade levels that foster confidence, motivation, and curiosity. Our faculty are dedicated professionals who have invested into both the craft of teaching and the child in front of them.

Central also to our mission is the formation of virtuous disciples who truly care for this community. Students are assigned into “families” that span every grade level, wherein mentoring, empathy, and a sense of responsibility can really blossom. Our school attends Mass on a weekly basis and enlivens faith in the classroom with student-led service projects and integrations of Catholic social teaching.

As an educator and principal, my chief aim is to lead with beauty. Whether it’s drama, robotics, or a science experiment that works just right, I want to celebrate these beautiful moments as icons of Christ the Logos the unifying principle that binds all knowledge in harmony. Celebration must take place in community, and here it joyfully involves students, teachers, staff, families, parishioners, guests, and neighbors. I invite you to come visit our wonderful school community and join us in celebrating the wonder and beauty of Catholic education at St. Alphonsus Parish School.

In Christ,

Nick Padrnos

Bone Deep Beliefs

Learn more about Mr. Padrnos’ “bone deep” beliefs related to Catholic education and his vision for St. Alphonsus Parish School.