Mission and Philosophy 1



The word “catholic” literally means universal or whole. Christ is the center and fulcrum of our mission, and we believe our education forms the whole child, regardless of religion, culture, or background. A Catholic worldview permeates the entire curriculum, with a vision to develop virtuous citizens of this world and the world to come.


In order to be creative and think critically, one must have a foundation of knowledge to build on year after year. Shared knowledge creates literate readers, writers, and speakers capable of effective participation and mutual understanding in wider society. Rich content awakens curiosity and joy of learning.


Learning is sequential and designed for cross-curricular connections. A coherent curriculum avoids unnecessary repetition and fragmentation, allowing students to deepen their knowledge grade by grade. Teachers, for instance, can connect a student’s prior learning in elementary historical studies to literature and visual arts in middle school.



Like public schools, every school in the Archdiocese of Seattle participates in standardized MAP testing. Our students consistently outperform their public and Archdiocesan school peers in every category.