School Commission

St. Alphonsus School Commission is a consultative body to assist both the Pastor and Principal in the planning and development of long-range goals, policy formation, and budgeting for the sustainability of the school and its programs. Membership is made up of a diverse group that reflects the composition of the parish and school itself. Commission members meet monthly to discuss both short and long-term items of focus in order to meet benchmarks and achieve goals.

St. Al’s Commission has drawn inspiration from the Archdiocese of Seattle’s Plan for 21st Century Catholic Schools “from Strength to Strength”. The Commission established primary goals for our strategic plan in the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years in the following areas:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Finance
  • Enrollment, Recruitment, Retention
  • Facilities


2020/2021 School year commission goals


2020-2021 St. Alphonsus School Commission Members

Fr. Richard Klepac, SOLT

Kathleen Daspit

Parent and Parishioner Members

Carlos Walker – Chair

Ed Garrett – Vice-Chair

Lori Corcoro – Treasurer

Melanie Rolls – Secretary

Maura Cannon

Ashley Dixon

Sam Dang

John Chamberlin

To contact the School Commission: