Hello St. Al Family and Friends,

This week we observed Holy Week.  School family time was spent discussing what “leave it at the cross” means to us and how we can leave our burdens and sins at the cross, becoming a new creation ready to do the will of God.  Students wrote on “nails” what they wanted to leave at the cross and these nails were placed on a cross outside the main office. In addition, several teachers read parts of a prayer this morning for Holy Thursday.  One of my favorite lines from that prayer was the following:

“Lord, when I face the crosses of my own life, give me Your divine courage and strength to say “Yes” to the Will of the Father.  Your love for me is abundant and is perfect in every way.  Help me to know that love, to embrace it and to allow it into my life.”

Students will also participate in living stations of the cross tomorrow at 11am and I would like to invite any parents who are available to join us for this annual activity.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter, full of celebration.  May God give you courage and strength to overcome your trials and may you feel the love of God as you gather with family and friends.

Thank you,

Kathleen Cifu

Angels’ Angle: April 18, 2019