Hello St. Al Family and Friends,

It is the season of love.  Valentine’s Day brings out the love and kindness in each of us.  As we give cards, flowers, and chocolates we think about the joy we have shared with the special people in our lives.  It is also important to remember that we can always show our love no matter the day or season.  In my family, we loved to write letters.  My grandmother and my mother exchanged letters with me to just say hello or support me during tough times.  Sometimes something as simple as an index card with a butterfly sticker and the words “I love you” was everything I needed at that moment.

God also sends these love letters to us every day through his presence, his Word, the saints, and through the love of our special people.  God is love and He is there with every smile, every laugh, and every sign of support.  Whether it be chocolates, flowers, or index cards with stickers, remember to share God’s love and yours on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Kathleen Daspit