Hello St. Al Family and Friends,

With all of the darkness this Lenten season, I thought I would share some light.

Each morning I have been taking time to stop in front of my wall of Mary (pictured below).  I love the different representations of this woman, who even now, still serves.  She has appeared in many forms to many different people, sharing with them a special message.  Each image of Our Lady shares with us a story of love, sacrifice, protection, and faith.

I thought I would share with you my Mary wall in hopes that each of us can find what we need in these tough times.  Joy, light, and hope can come to each of us differently.  At times, we must search for the light and then there are times the gift finds us. However our hope arrives, God only asks that we be open to receive the message.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful.  You are in my prayers.



Kathleen Daspit