Hello St. Al Families and Friends,Anchor

We are about to close another year at St. Alphonsus Parish School and what a year it has been.  The past three months gave us quite a challenge in school and spirit.  A lot was asked of all of us as COVID-19 swept the globe.  We learned new ways to pull together as a community and realized what we loved most about our school family.  It was not an easy road.  We hit some roadblocks along the way but we persevered.

This year saw a lot of disappointment with missed traditions and time separated from friends and teachers.  However, we saw a lot of joy too, with school events like Family Fun Night, Christmas concert, and our talent show.  We celebrated our faith together with saint door decorating, weekly school mass, morning prayer, assemblies, and families.  Through it all we remained a school family, reaching out to one another and working together, staying safe and healthy as we continued learning.

Thank you to each and every person in our school community and those supporting it.  Thank you for your part in our students’ learning.  Thank you for the hours you volunteered and the money you donated to support our mission.  Thank you for the history we share and for the new memories we were able to make.  Most importantly, thank you for sharing your amazing children with us.  May God bless each of you this summer and always.

Kathleen Daspit