February Scrip Contest – Extended to March 12

February Scrip Contest – Extended to March 12

After 3 weeks of Presto Pay shopping, 4th grade has increased their lead in their run to earn a free dress day. Keep purchase your Scrip with Presto Pay and help your class edge closer to 4th grade.

Because of the snow closures, we are extending the contest out until March 12th, so keep shopping!

Earn a Free Dress Day for your student’s class and have fun shopping. What could be better? Use Presto Pay to purchase Scrip during the month of February and you will help your child’s class win a Free Dress Day.

Contact Mija Hamilton at mija@windermere.com for more info.

Sign Up for PrestoPay! Earn a free dress day!

Presto Change-o – Watch the Rebate Grow

At stake, a free dress reward day for your student’s class!

During the month of October, be the class who has the greatest Presto-Pay enrollment and the free dress day is yours.

What is Presto-Pay? It is the on-line ordering and paying system to buy Scrip. It works on the same principle as Facts Web (how we pay tuition) only better because you get to shop. Once you have signed up for presto-pay, you can take advantage of the 100’s of Scrip Now retailers on-line that allow you immediate access to your gift card. That’s right, within minutes, your gift card will be ready and you can add to your account (I’m thinking Starbucks and Amazon) or print out and take shopping with you (Nordstrom, Target, Safeway…options are endless).

It’s easy to get signed up. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com. Our authorization code is A28AF4B59532. Click on the payment types link under Family Functions on your dashboard and follow the steps. Easy as that.

Watch this video to learn more or check out our Scrip page:

And you wonderful families who are already using Presto Pay, don’t worry. You are definitely getting counted.