sees candy

The 6th grade will be attending Waskowitz Outdoor Education camp from May 4 to May 8th. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with nature and experience personal growth.  Students will explore the forest, Snoqualmie River, and overnight community living. During their stay, the program will engage students in science and environmental education.

In order to make camp affordable for everyone, 6th graders will be selling See’s Candy.  Please consider helping our 6th graders fundraise for their trip. Candy will be available for delivery at least one week before school is dismissed for Christmas break.  All order money is due upon placement of customer orders. Checks need to be made out to St. Alphonsus Parish School. The sale will end on November 30th.  Order forms will also be in the school office and parish rectory. If you have questions, please contact Maureen Endres at [email protected].