Message from the Principal


Hello St. Al Families, Staff, and Friends:

This is a special time of year.  Loved ones travel from near and far to share food, laughter, and fun.  We all have our traditions whether it is special pies, football games at the park, or sharing memories while cooking a meal.
As a child, I loved Thanksgiving, especially the food.  We had turkey with stuffing and all of the typical items, but being Italian, our meal also heavily featured spaghetti and cured meats.  I knew this wasn’t the norm for everyone but for me, it still feels like home.  Sometimes our traditions do not look like what others expect but the message is still the same—be thankful.  Today, I am so thankful for my mother who worked so hard to put a beautiful meal on the table every holiday.  I am so thankful for my husband who easily blended his traditions with mine, even though pasta for holiday dinners is something he still doesn’t understand.  I am thankful to my friend who invites us over for Mexican food and introduced us to another set of traditions.  Finally, I am thankful for the traditions old or new that help bring people together so they can say “I am thankful for you” in person.

Whether you are traveling or staying home, I wish you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  Thank you for being part of our school family.  To everyone at St. Al’s I want to say thank you, have fun, and enjoy some spaghetti.



Kathleen Daspit


St. Alphonsus Parish School