Message from the Principal


Hello St. Al Families,

Yesterday, we had our monthly prayer assembly in the Family Center.  The leaders were our 7/8 Boys and they did a wonderful job.  Their message focused on gratitude.  I was so impressed with these boys because they knew how to play to their audience, be themselves, and still share the seriousness of the message with the younger students.  They proved themselves to be leaders presenting a beautiful theme.

Gratitude is so important.  I define it as a readiness to show appreciation and kindness.  When you show gratitude you show how thankful you are for what someone has done or what has taken place.  During this time of year, gratitude is present in the food we eat, the company we keep, and things we do.  The challenge our 7/8 Boys seemed to gave each of our students yesterday is to make this a year-round way of living.  How can we show our gratitude all year long?  When times are hard and we find ourselves challenged beyond what we think we can handle, how do you find gratitude?

I am grateful for this school community and every student who walks through our doors.  I am grateful for all of the parents, parishioners, and friends who contribute to the work we are doing for our students.  I am grateful for those who contributed to the auction through sharing resources and time.   Most importantly, I am grateful for God’s love that extends to each of us as we move through the school years together.


Thank you, school community.

Thank you, students.

Thank you, God, for the blessings you have given St. Alphonsus Parish School.



Kathleen Daspit


St. Alphonsus Parish School