Message from the Principal

Hello St. Al Families,

“Waiting should not be passive.  Rather, it should be an active practice.”

I heard this on Christian radio this morning.  I love this statement because it is a call for faith and works.  When we actively wait we are listening while we serve God’s people.  Often we think of waiting as a pause in our motion.  We stop moving until further notice.  But, waiting does not have to be a still and silent experience.  It can be filled with activity: service, prayer, community gatherings.  These are the moments we embrace the season.  We share hope with one another through service.  We share peace through individual and group prayer.  We share joy and love through community gatherings and connections.  These are active moments of waiting that embrace the spirit of our Advent season while allowing us to still wait and prepare.

This week we lit the second candle and I encouraged students to take some time to embrace and share peace.  This could be stepping away from the hectic activity of the season to pray.  This could also mean sharing their gifts with those who may need to experience a positive moment.

However, you choose to wait this season, make it active.  Share hope, peace, joy, and love actively as you await the coming of Jesus.


Kathleen Daspit


St. Alphonsus Parish School