Message from the Principal

Christmas is a very special time of year. It reminds us of childhood joy and wonder as we celebrate our special traditions with friends and family.

For me, Christmas brings back cherished childhood memories of baking cookies with my mom and placing handmade macaroni ornaments on the tree with my siblings. I also remember opening Grandma’s present early to see what kind of pajamas she had mailed that year. One year they came with a lot of plaid, a lot of ruffles, and a stuffed bear that matched; best pajamas EVER!
As I have gotten older, I miss these moments. Our lives and people change, we change. Regardless, we can still cherish our memories and our traditions. We keep what we can of our traditions and then build new ones. I know I will no longer receive a new set of pajamas from my grandmother in the mail but it makes me smile as I buy my own special set in her honor each year, and I teach my husband how to make snickerdoodles in my kitchen rather than in my childhood kitchen with my mom.

Our cherished traditions are important. They bring us together and allow us to share our love with the special people in our lives. We build memories that warm our hearts well after the events themselves have ended. As we approach our final Sunday of Advent and the final days leading up to Christmas day, think about your own memories of Christmases past. Take the hope, peace, joy, and love from those moments and share them anew with those here today.

To everyone here in the St. Alphonsus community—students, parents, family, friends, and staff—I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a beautiful, loving end to the Advent season. I feel so blessed to be your principal and I wish many blessings upon each of you during our Christmas break.

Merry Christmas,

Kathleen Daspit


St. Alphonsus Parish School