Happy Thursday St. Al Families,Anchor

I hope everyone is still safe and healthy.  As we finish this week, I would like to share some cause for celebration.  I am sending this out in my email this week as well.  I wanted to make sure we all had a chance to celebrate and smile.

  • YAY ALGEBRA STUDENTS! Join me in congratulating our group of Algebra I students, under the guidance of Mrs. Walker. We are happy to announce that just about all of these students will be entering Geometry as freshman, with at least two students entering at the honors level.  Great work Algebra I group and thank you to Mrs. Walker for all your hard work and support.
  • GO ANGELS! Let’s show our spirit and support to all who pass our school. We are going to begin a ribbon wall on our playground fence, facing 15th.  This is a way we can appropriately come together while we stay apart.  A blue bucket containing a bottle of hand sanitizer and ribbons will be permanently placed by the front door of the school.  Feel free to grab a ribbon and take it to the 15th Ave fence, adding to others that have already been tied.  Our ribbons are blue and green in celebration of our school.  If you would like to use your own blue or green ribbon from home, that would be wonderful.  If you would like to tell neighbors or friends who are on their way to the grocery store or out for a walk, please do.  If there is a group of people tying ribbons when you arrive, please come back another time.  If you would like to have someone tie a ribbon on your behalf, that’s good too.  Feel free to tie more than one ribbon if you would like.  Show your spirit and your love for St. Al’s. St. Alphonsus pray for us. Go Angels!
  • FACEBOOK! Also, some amazing things have been happening on the school’s Facebook page.  I have been posting prayers and some of my morning announcements, the Sisters have been sharing prayers and singing, our school bear, Simon, has been having some stay-at-home adventures, and there is more to come.  Please join our facebook page and our facebook group.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy finish to the week and a great weekend.  You are in my heart and my prayers. .

Thank you,

Kathleen Daspit