Hello St. Al Family and Friends,

Easter is right around the corner. Growing up, Easter for me meant a beautiful new dress with white tights and polished shoes.  It meant a big meal after a special morning at church.  It meant laughter, celebration, and family as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.
This year Easter will be very different.  We will not have packed churches with beautiful processions and music.  We will not have group meals or community celebrations.  It will be a time of staying in, watching mass on our screens, celebrating in the safety of our own homes.

I have been thinking a lot about how to reconcile the loss of such a special time and have decided to focus on things we do have, rather than what we seem to be missing.  We will still have hope.  We will have hope as God has shown us that despite suffering and betrayal, hope persisted.  We will still have joy.  We will have joy because despite our struggle and separation, we can rejoice as one family together.  We will still have love.  We will have love because Jesus died out of love. God is love; we can live led by that love.

I know so much is different for so many.  I pray that each of you can find some joy this Easter.  I pray that you can laugh with your families and remind everyone of just how much you love one another.

I wish everyone in our St. Al family immense hope, joy, and love this Easter.  Have fun making new traditions and know that we are praying for each of you.


Kathleen Daspit