Referendum 90Anchor

We are collecting signatures to repeal Senate Bill 5395 which mandates all public schools to provide comprehensive sexual health education for grades K to 12 by the year 2022.  Although this bill does not affect St. Alphonsus parish school directly but you may be considering sending your child to public high school after graduating from St. Als, therefore I felt it was important to bring this to your attention.  Some of the issues with Senate Bill 5395 are the following:

  • Mandates graphic sex education starting in elementary school.
  • Orders school districts to “comprehensively” include sex ed in all curriculum — including math, social studies, science, business, and computer classes.
  • Denies parents and local school boards the power to decide what shall be taught.
  • The bill does not allow parents to opt-out of the curriculum.
  • The curriculum is not age-appropriate and not medically accurate.
  • It is not sex education but really sexuality education.

So we are making it easy for concerned registered voters of the state of Washington to sign a petition form. We will have continuing signups until Sunday May 24th.  There will be forms taped on the garage doors of the rectory, which is right across from the school’s entrance closest to 59th, from 10 am until 7 pm. You can easily drive up get and jump out of your car and sign the form. In order to maintain the sanitation guidelines given to us by the governor, I ask that you bring your own blue or black pen and wear gloves when you are touching anything. If you do not have gloves bring some hand sanitizer with you to clean your hands after signing.

God bless,
Fr. Richard