Spring is around the corner and it is now the season for Parents’ Club Board Nominations. If you feel drawn to one of the positions listed below or if you would like to nominate a friend, then please come to the office and fill out a nomination ballot. There will be a box on the counter in the office to receive your nominations. Please list the name of the person you are nominating AND your name. Nominations without the name of the nominator will not be valid as it is listed in the Parent’s Club Bylaws. Nominations will close Friday March 23 after morning drop off.

The available positions for you to consider are:

Leadership, Vision, Creativity.

Volunteer Recruitment, Fill-in for any position given any unexpected shifts.

Recorder, Systems manager.

Accounting experience ideal.

Thank you Parents’ Community! Each and every one of you are a Parents’ Club member. We look forward to hearing from you! For more information, please contact Victoria Long at [email protected].

Parents’ Club Board 2017-18