Is your girl interested in Girl Scouts?  St. Al’s has an all-ages troop that meets after school on Mondays and Thursdays!
Last year we did crafts, made blankets for Seattle Children’s Hospital and created bird houses and squirrel nesting boxes for our community. Oh! And we also sold some Girl Scout cookies! 😉

This year, we will be making our world a better place!  We will be educating ourselves on bees and our environment.
This is just one of our main projects this year. If your family is interested, please register for Girl Scouts on the regional website:

We also need adult volunteers!  Please contact Maureen Endres at [email protected] for volunteer details.

Our Fall 2018 schedule for meetings will be 3:15-4:15pm in the Art Room

Sept. 27th
Oct. 1st
Oct. 8th
Oct. 15th
Oct. 25th
Oct. 29th
Nov. 5th
Nov. 15th
Nov. 29th
Dec. 3rd
Dec. 10th
Dec. 17th