We Need Bakers!

Help Support our production by donating baked goods for us to sell at concessions. Our patrons look forward to a home-baked treat at intermission and your donation helps support our drama program. You earn two parent volunteer hours for your baked goods donation. We also need donations of bulk packages of chips (for the salty patron 😉).

And Kudos for our talented actors…
Not a baker? Then please help procure items we can then sell as kudos for your favorite actor – we’re looking for bulk chips and hershey bars.

Click here to donate.

High School Student Volunteers

We welcome high school students to come in and help us out. In particular we need help prepping our actors with hair and make-up, and setting up and running our concessions. If you know of any students who would be interested, please have them contact Tricia Bentley at [email protected] or (206) 617-1174.

Angels’ Angle: April 11, 2019