When we make decisions related to inclement weather, we consider the needs of our families and our staff.  The goal is to make sure everyone is safe.  There may be ice, snow, or severe winds that can compromise travel plans to and from the building. While the immediate neighborhood may be fine, we also need to make sure our staff can travel to and from school safely.  I know the decision to close in-person learning due to weather can have significant impacts on our community, so I announce these decisions as soon as possible.  Notice will be sent to families and staff at any point beginning the previous night up to 6 am the following morning.

  • When inclement weather makes it necessary to close the school, parents/guardians will receive notice by radio stations and TV channels (KOMO and KIRO), via email, the school’s website, and social media.  Please listen to early news broadcasts between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.
  • It is possible to have a late start instead of a complete closure based on the amount of snow and rising temps in the late morning hours.  Information about late start will be communicated using the same time frame and methods as a snow closure.
  • If the weather turns hazardous during the school day, parents/guardians, are asked to pick up students as soon as possible, so our staff can also head home. As much notice as possible will be given for this type of situation so families and staff can plan on travel methods and routes.
  • Every family’s home and route to school are different.  Because of the unique geography in our region, we may still be open, but you may not be able to safely travel up a driveway or down your neighborhood street.  Please make sure you do what is safe for your family.  If you need to remain at home, notify your student’s teacher and the front office and we can set up remote learning for the day or excuse your student.