Tuition at St. Alphonsus, as with most Catholic schools, does not cover the full cost of education. Contributions to our annual fundraisers represent several ways families, friends, and community members can support our school and our students. We are grateful for the continued generosity from our Community, School, and Parish members that support our mission.

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Fundraising is an important and essential activity that helps to ensure the financial health of St. Alphonsus Parish School. Monies raised through these activities help the school fund salaries, programs, and supplies while maintaining affordable tuition rates.

Accordingly, each family has pledged to participate in these fundraising activities at the indicated minimum levels.

Event Time Purpose Goal Family Commitments
Jog-A-Thon September Promote health and fitness while raising funds to support School operating expenses. $25,000 $125 or more in pledges/donations,

$75 for pre-school only families

Annual Fund Annually on fiscal calendar (July 1 – June 30) Support School operating expenses. $125,000 Annual participation.
Scrip Year-round Support School operating expenses. $30,000 Minimum of $1,500 in annual Scrip purchases, $750 for pre-school only families.
Auction March Support School operating expenses.

Support one special “Fund A Dream” project each year.

$140,000/year, including Fund A Dream Minimum of $200 in donated items or cash, $100 for pre-school only families.$15 per student for Auction Art fee.

5 volunteer hours, 2.5 for pre-school only families.

Volunteer Hours Annually on fiscal calendar (July 1 – June 30) Support our School fundraisers and day to day activities n/a 30 volunteer hours, 15 for pre-school only families

*Includes Auction Hours, as noted above

Unfulfilled hours will be billed at $30/hour.