Hello St. Al Family and Friends,

This week we celebrate our grandparents and special friends with events and activities on Friday, May 24.

My grandmother was an incredibly important part of my life.  We spoke nightly on the phone (she lived in Montana) and wrote letters back and forth for years.  She was a huge source of support and a sound voice of reason.  I will remember her for many things but most importantly how she shared love.  My grandmother was born and raised Catholic.  She had a constant desire to fully live the values of service and sacrifice that she learned through the Church.  Any given day my grandmother could be found delivering meals, running a mobile library, and spending time with residents at a local hospice.  While I was not raised Catholic, I always watched the example my grandmother set for me.  I watched the expressions of her heart and her love for Christ lead her to do powerful things for others.  I thought to myself, if that is what it means to be Catholic, then that is what I must be.

Grandparents and family friends are important people who shape our lives in ways we could never imagine.  They are a blessing and we are so happy here at St. Alphonsus to celebrate them.  If you are a grandparent or special friend, thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of those in our community.  We love you.  We thank you.  We are so happy you are a part of our lives.

Thank you,

Kathleen Cifu
Principal, St Alphonsus Parish School