Hello St. Al Family and Friends,

As some of you may know, the school morning announcements theme this week has been all about our Holy Mother Mary, in celebration of May as Mary month.  In this newsletter and in morning announcements, I have often discussed my personal ties to Mary.

Mary is truly a special figure the world over, especially now, as people are turning to Mary for comfort, peace, and hope in the midst of COVID-19.  Here in Seattle, Archbishop Etienne, has led the charge in our own Mary prayers for Our Lady of Seattle.  The following is a short history of Our Lady of Seattle provided by St. James Cathedral:

“This beloved image, known as Our Lady of Seattle, has been venerated in this city for well over 100 years. The pioneer priest of Seattle, Father F. X. Prefontaine, ordered this image of Mary from Italy in 1870. She weathered a sea journey around the Horn, and arrived safely in Seattle, where she was installed in Seattle’s first Catholic Church, Our Lady of Good Help. When the old church began to slide down the hill following Seattle’s 1949 earthquake, the statue was moved to St. James, where she has remained ever since.”

In honor of Mary month and in honor of Our Lady of Seattle, I wanted to share this prayer with you.  Churches and parishioners all over Seattle have been praying this prayer together and I invite each of you to join as we seek comfort and peace together.

Kathleen Daspit