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Keep an eye out for leprechauns.
They bring luck and happiness I hear.
So pay very close attention.
Maybe one is sitting near.Use your grocery Scrip (Whole Foods, Albertson’s, Ken’s Market, etc.) and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some green goodies. And don’t forget to wear something green; use Scrip at your favorite clothing store (American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy, Macy’s, etc.).

Please note that some items are special order and may take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

Scrip cards may be purchased:

  • Online at
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 8:15-8:45 am in The Commons (small cafeteria) at school
  • Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am in the Preschool classroom
  • Friday afternoon at 2:45-3:15 pm in The Commons (small cafeteria) at school
  • After all weekend Masses in the back vestibule
  • At the Parish office during the week

Contact Mija Hamilton at for more info.

Angels’ Angle: March 14


And the winner is….
The Presto Pay challenge has come to an end and after a busy week of buying Scrip, 4th grade was able to keep their lead and earn the free dress day. Congratulations to 4th grade and thank you, families, for participating and supporting Scrip. A total of $7,710 was purchase in Presto Pay Scrip!
Angels’ Angle:  March 14

Presto-Change-o Winner!

Presto-Change-o we watched the rebate grow. And 3 classes had over 50 % of their families sign up for Presto-Pay. Congratulations to Kindergarten, 5/6 girls and 7/8 boys. And by the slightest of margins, 5/6 girls class earned the Free Dress Day!

And Thank You families for all the Scrip purchased in October using Presto-Pay. $243.60 in rebates was raised, just in Presto-Pay purchases! Yay Us!

Principal's Corner

Principal’s Corner – October 8, 2018

Hello St. Al Families,

October is the month traditionally dedicated to the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For many, praying the Rosary is a source of peace and contemplation. For me, praying the Rosary has always been a way to fully embrace the connection of my faith and its practice.  I would encourage all to take a few moments out of the day to contemplate the mysteries of the rosary and make a connection of your own.


Month of October: SCRIP Presto Pay Contest

–Sign-up for Presto Pay through SCRIP.  It only takes a few minutes and gives you instant access to the same rebates you know and love from the physical cards.  Check out this link to sign-up.

–The class with the highest percentage of parents to sign-up for SCRIP Presto Pay will win a non-uniform day.

Tuesday, October 9: School Commission Meeting

Wednesday & Thursday, October 10-11: 8th Grade at Camp Huston

Friday, October 12: Auction Procurement Item Descriptions Due & No School (Teacher Excellence Day)

Policy & Procedure Reminder

Just a reminder that students who do not arrive in time to join their class for line-up should check in at the office.  In addition, if a student is going to be late or absent, please notify Lisa Macomber via email or through the main office phone as soon as possible. You may also want to connect with the student’s teacher for class work and other news from the day.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Parent Club meeting and first Coffee with the Principal event last week.  It is such a wonderful part of my week, getting to spend time with our parents and share some of the reasons why I love this school community.   Also, a big thank you to Sr. Mary Elizabeth Albers who shared her story and inspiration with everyone at the Parent Club meeting.

I wish you all a wonderful second week of October.

Thank you,
Kathleen Cifu

Principal's Corner

Principal’s Corner – October 4, 2018

Hello St. Al Families,

Happy October to everyone!  I can’t believe we have been in school for a month already.  I wanted to remind everyone of some great items we have happening this month: Scrip Presto Pay contest, conferences, and Family Fun Night.  Remember to check your email for updates about these events and more.  I would also like to remind everyone that the cold weather is setting in.  Please make sure students come to school with a warm coat so they can continue to enjoy playing outside for as long as the weather holds.

In other news, you may have noticed our very large and very fabulous new planters in the courtyard area where students line up.  These planters will help keep this area clear of cars and provide some color.  This last weekend the planters were placed and this week rocks and soil were added in preparation for plants that will be coming soon.  We are so thankful to not only have something beautiful for our courtyard/outside meeting area but also a safe place for our students to gather before, during, and after school.

I hope everyone has a wonderful end to this first week of October.

Thank you,
Kathleen Cifu

Sign Up for PrestoPay! Earn a free dress day!

Presto Change-o – Watch the Rebate Grow

At stake, a free dress reward day for your student’s class!

During the month of October, be the class who has the greatest Presto-Pay enrollment and the free dress day is yours.

What is Presto-Pay? It is the on-line ordering and paying system to buy Scrip. It works on the same principle as Facts Web (how we pay tuition) only better because you get to shop. Once you have signed up for presto-pay, you can take advantage of the 100’s of Scrip Now retailers on-line that allow you immediate access to your gift card. That’s right, within minutes, your gift card will be ready and you can add to your account (I’m thinking Starbucks and Amazon) or print out and take shopping with you (Nordstrom, Target, Safeway…options are endless).

It’s easy to get signed up. Go to Our authorization code is A28AF4B59532. Click on the payment types link under Family Functions on your dashboard and follow the steps. Easy as that.

Watch this video to learn more or check out our Scrip page:

And you wonderful families who are already using Presto Pay, don’t worry. You are definitely getting counted.