At St. Alphonsus we are a community of students, parents, teachers, staff, and parishioners and we all work together for our shared success.  There are countless ways you can volunteer in the school community, the parish community, and our Ballard community.

Submit your volunteer hours through RenWeb (District Code: STA-WA): Download instructions.

Thank you for your continued support!

Volunteer Opportunities

Event Volunteer Link Description
Lunch Recess (ongoing) Sign up here! We need 1-2 parents to volunteer every day to ensure the safety of our kids. Volunteer regularly or just once in a while – every volunteer slot filled helps.
Early Morning Playground
Contact Lisa Macomber or stop in School Office We are looking for parent volunteers to monitor the playground each morning from 8:10-8:27 am. It’s an easy way to get your volunteer hours while you’re already at school!
Contact Mija Hamilton Sell Scrip during the school week and/or after weekend Masses.
School Event Photographer
Contact Season Evans Take photographs of various school events (often during school hours) to document our activities and use on the school website and social media.
Teacher Luncheon Volunteers (ongoing) Contact Katy Coleman Help provide lunch for teachers and staff on the last Thursday of each month throughout the school year.

Last updated 9/13/2018